Birthday Gift #1 – Transformers

For years, I’ve wondered what happened to the “robot cartoons” I used to watch when I was still a kid.  In the age of comic superheroes being turned into a movie franchise, I’ve always wondered why nobody tried to make a movie out of the Transformers.

It was early this year, probably February or March, when I first saw the teasers for the Transformers movie.  And I confessed myself disappointed.  Even with their promise of great visual effects, the teasers failed to excite me, or even arouse my curiosity, at the very least.

It was only accidental that I got to watch the Transformers movie.  But it proved to be a lucky accident.  Thanks to two of my friends, A! and Boyet, who have managed to literally drag me into the cinemas.  I really had no intentions of watching it, thinking that whole would be no better that its teaser and trailer.  How wrong I was!

For me, Transformers is one of the best films of the year.  Though I cannot make a full movie review, as it would take a lot space in this page, allow me to point out the some of movie’s strengths.  The visual effects are superb, although the robot characters are too detailed to the point that you do not recognize them anymore.  The script and the plot, though cheesy (as my friend pointed), are effective, and the conversations, crisp and witty.

To say that I was ecstatic having watched the film is an understatement.  Quality films are hard to come by, and I believe that this is one of those.

Now, I won’t wonder why it took quite a long time for Hollywood to make a film out of these amazing transforming robots.  I should say that the movie was absolutely worth the wait.

Truly, “Transformers… more than meets the eye”.


~ by Yuri on Wednesday, 18 July 2007.

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